Gun Recoil With Recovery

I’m Trying To Make A Gun Recoil System With A Recovery Once Your Done Firing.

Some Thing Like This:

Here are my guns without recoil:

How Would I Be Able To Do This?

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I’m guessing your a beginner? If so then I just gotta say recoil for guns on roblox is not something a beginner can learn with a few attempts. Googling it will probably be best.

Have you tried following/looking at some code in this tutorial? Making an FPS framework: 2020 edition
It’s very well written and even if you don’t follow it, you can see what they use to make guns have recoil.
If that doesn’t work, you can try setting the CFrame of the gun up by a rotation amount that is based off of how many bullets the gun has fired and the amount of recoil the gun has.

give it an initial jolt upward, then in a loop, set the camera cframe to itself * a lerped offset until it reaches 0

thats how i did it in mine :ok_hand: