Gun shop UI, opinions?

Howdy, I made this cool UI and I need to know if you like it or not :))


Fancy. although it looks kinda boring maybe add a background behind the gun.

Looks good! I’d add some patterns or a gradient to the background to make it more interesting.

Ah, thanks for suggesting. I will add it.

Looks great!

Is the gun a view model or a decal?
If it is a view model, you could turn the gun when the player hovers the UI as a nice touch.

Some people like the bright look, but some people prefer a “dark mode”. Having a settings / options to change themes would be nice if the UI goes into an actual game.

This looks nice! Btw idk if it’s just me but the M4A1 gui surrounding it looks a bit off. And the comfirm button is a bit too much to the left. Great job!

Your ui looks awesome, cause I really love the theme you used! Looks great.

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