Gun System | Debris or Raycasting?

Hey there. So recently, I decided to make up a gun system.
But I’ve faced a problem. Issue to be exact.

How will I do bullets? What to use? Raycasting or Debris?

What does Debris allow?

  • Improved physics, realistic flight, realistic effects.
  • Part collissions index, instead of FindPartOnRay function.
  • A lot of lag, when it gets to shooting a lot of parts

What does Raycasting allow?

  • Less lag, while shooting.
  • Harder indexes.
  • More work on raycasting and correct locating.
  • Unrealistic way bullets look.

This is my first attempt on making the gun system, maybe I know not everything about these, but can anybody give me an advice?

  • Raycasting
  • Debris
  • Another choice - Write in replies, please.

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I vote for raycasting, and if you want to make it please check out this tutorial:

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Have you heard about Fastcast? It’s a balance between both, there is an article about it here in the forum. It maybe a little bit more complex, but I suggest you to take a look :wink:

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I appreciate your choice. However, I would need my gun system as realistic as possible.
This should include physics and such stuff. Therefore, I am looking for something which will let me make non-laggy realistic gun system.

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Whoops, I chose debris instead of raycasting :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyways, raycasting can be realistic in close quarters combat. Take a game like CSGO.

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Here is the link

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