Gun System Lags In Live Server

I want to make My Gun to not lag/delayed when it shoots (it lags on live game servers)

I don’t know if I made something wrong on how I made my gun system.

So far I found similar problems but they din’t elaborate enough on how to solve it.

It seems like you’re using a bunch of Roblox remotes.

You should try using this to replace them:

It’s very fast and easy to set up.

I took a little bit of time and set it up for you:
Kyle_TPD’s Gun (Optimized).rbxm (99.1 KB)

Heh? so fast?
Im still reading the web XD
anyways ima try it

Oh and another thing, use task.wait() instead of wait().

Whats the difference between those 2?

task.wait() is more accurate for waiting.

For example, if you use wait(1), it could wait around 1.1 seconds.
When you do task.wait(1) though, it waits almost exactly 1 second.

task.wait() is the superseded version of wait()

That mean i have to change some coding inside of the scripts in my game mostly they have wait() in them.