Gun Viewmodel and animations issue

Hello. Recently, I have been experimenting with ViewModels in general. In the past, I had viewmodels that did not consist of other external items, such as guns, and the method that i was using ( Changing the part0 of the respective shoulder to a VM torso ) allowed me to use animations normally, that was all great… However, I now want to experiment with making guns, and tools generally, and I’m having some issues. My criteria consist of not using Tools ( Use welds instead ), and the animations should be visible in third person , without making separate animations & finally, not using a pre-made VM ( Like a set of arms and animate those and then play the animation on that, it would require me to make two sets of animations, and this is what i’ve seen people do so far ) .

One idea I had is making separate animations for the tool and the body and play them at the same time, but, I’m not exactly sure how I would do this… This sort of limits the way I can animate, because I don’t know how to animate two things at once and separate the animations after. ( Keep in mind im using Blender to animate )

Any help is appreciated, thank you.