Guys how do i make a parry/block system

so basically this means when there are two people and one person clicks to hit, when the other person presses a key, they would play an animation to block it.

if need script say so

You should use a BoolValue inside the players that is turned on when the player is blocking, and turned off when they aren’t. Then, when one player attacks the other, it should check if the boolvalue is true, and it it is, the other player will block it.


but how do i put it inside the players? do i have to check for playeradded and put it in the player like that

You could actually just put the BoolValue inside StarterPlayer → StarterCharacterScripts since any item inserted into StarterCharacterScripts is automatically inserted into the player’s character when they join the game.

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marked as solution,going to try it now

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