Hacked games from a plugin

Hello! So recently I downloaded lots of plugins and I think I had a virus which made all my games very laggy and in every script, they would write this:

I have so many games and I just wanted to ask, is there another plugin that can remove viruses like that? It has recently been very annoying.

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I mean, there are plugins that can remove it, but some are outdated and some are even fake. I would manually look if you have an infected plugin though.

That line puts a backdoor into your game, and only a plugin can add a line of code into your script.

You may not see a require then, but you can copy and paste that lines of code and paste it in Notepad++.

Mhm, I removed the plugin that I thought may have infected all my games, but I have around 20 games in total and they did that with all of the scripts.

I am very sorry for this incident. I also came to this problem when my friend installed an infected plugin. What I did was I pressed Ctrl + Shift + F and type the keywords. It took a bit of time, but I successfully removed it.

As for plugins, I am not sure. Some deletes your scripts if it thinks it is infected.

To prevent situations like this, use GameGuard Antivirus. This is a special plugin used to remove backdoors and viruses like this one with ease, and you chose what virus to remove.