Hackers in my game. They are making it unplayable

Today they are entering one or more to damage the game and do not let anyone play quietly, literally remove anchor to the entire map. Is it any good to report it? What can I do?

There isn’t much you can do, to be honest. More than likely, you put a free model in your game that had some sort of backdoor virus that allows them to even affect it server side.


yeah. if anything, you should probably remove the virus scripts from some of the free models so those hackers won’t continue to damage your game

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search “script” in the explorer area. delete any scripts that you didn’t put there.


I have made some changes and I hope they work, as long as the hacker can’t read my scripts. now every time the server is called a code is also sent, if the code doesn’t exist or is different nothing is done.

What earlier replies said, its most likely a backdoor. You can use SHIFT + CTRL + F to open the Search All Scripts menu, and search for things like “require” and “getfenv” to find suspicious code. If you or one of your developers didn’t add it, its most definitely malicious.

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There could be a malicious script in a plugin you used.

I just searched for what exploit is causing it and what I found was just a simple remote call, you have remove events that are letting players unanchor every part in the workspace, they can choose how much money they get when calling the remote.

Your problem doesn’t seem to be related to a virus or malicious plugin, but your remote events security, please add checks in the server side for them. Do NOT let the client choose how much they will get.

If you need any help doing that, you can contact me on discord (Silent#4099) or just dm me here.