Hair is invisible when added to character

In my game I have a character customizer and I want it to detect if you have a hair on and put it onto the dummy
It works really well but I was testing hairs and I came across a problem
Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 1.38.40 PM

Yeah so idk why that’s happening the hair that I’m using is Linlin - Hair - Roblox

Here is output and hierarchy (Lin Lin hair is the HairAccessory)

Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 1.39.05 PM

Code snippet:

for i,v in pairs(Character:GetChildren()) do	
	if count <= 2 then
		if (v:IsA("Accessory") or v:IsA("Hat")) then
		hairName = v.Name
			isHair = guessifhair(v.Name)
			if isHair == true then
			print(v.Name..(" was added to CustomCharacter"))
			count += 1
	elseif count >= 4 then

Script in StarterCharacterScripts btw

If u can help that would be very much appreciated

Also I cant respond very quickly sorry

The Hair does exist however you must set the CFrame of the Hair to the characters head. Check where the hair spawns by selecting the Move Tool.

Nope, checked that too because its a script and when u do that it automatically positions the hair

Also when I select the Hair I can see its bounding box

Is the actual physical hair transparent? Check via Transparency property. (If not then it probably hasn’t loaded correctly)

Nope it isn’t transparent also im pretty sure it loads because it works with some other hairs but idk

Is the hair’s Scale making it smaller than the head?
Is the hair a Part with a Mesh in it (edited) but you somehow aren’t loading the hair’s texture?

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The texture isn’t the problem, the problem is the Mesh. Without texture, the mesh would look like white plastic.

This only affects Meshes with object. The Mesh with an texture like leaf, it doesn’t affect. Without texture, it will be transparent.

Depends on if it’s a Mesh in a Part or a MeshPart with a Texture on it.
A Part with a Mesh can be transparent if the Mesh’s Texture is visible.

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Yeah the hair was smaller then the head ty
I just realized that’s what always happens when you equip linlin hair on r6

How could I fix dis cuz if someone has a r15 avatar and it works fine then they join and they are bald that wouldn’t be good

You’d have to take into account the R6 Head SpecialMesh scale (usually 1.25, 1.25, 1.25) and the scale of whatever size their R15 character’s head is.
I thought they’d normally be the same, but if a player has messed with their body’s scale it may affect it.
I wonder if you could read the Scale of the player’s head and script the Scale of your hair to change to adapt to it.

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