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It’s been a year since I shared this place.

Everyone who joins gets a statue of their character added to the place forever. Thousands of players have joined now, so it will take a very long time for the whole thing to actually load because retrieving character avatar content is throttled. Even after they do load, it’s unlikely your machine is powerful enough to play it.


I remember visiting a while ago, it is actually pretty awesome.

I was walking around for 5 minutes trying to find my avatar, but then I realised you’re teleported to it when you spawn lmao.


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Played the game.

Now my avatar is in there for all of eternity.

Very cool creation.

Didn’t know about this until now. I played it and got my spot. Was fun to walk around a bit but it got slower and slower the longer you stay. :smile:

Thankfully I have a strong pc that can handle even when its done loading them all. However it could barely manage 1 FPS so good game :smiley: (oh and I was on the highest quality too lol)

10/10 would tell my friends to play this lag simulator :smirk:



“Look Gary, there I am!”

lol I actually remember this (and being one of the first to join lmao)

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maybe you could make a loading system that loaded only nearby statue rings at the same time?

I also recommend being able to pause the loading of the characters for low end devices. Like only show the name of the player that took the spot, then have like an option to load the character if they want to see it. And a way to teleport to a spot by specifying the username (or display notification that the player’s spot doesnt exist). Also handy to have a button to teleport back to your own circle since walking across the map can be slow.

Weren’t joking about the loading time, but guess what?

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