Halloween GFX Feedback

Made this on October 2022~ I never shared it with anyone because it was especially for my best friend (The one on the left is my best friend). I would edit this GFX, but I don’t have the required skills for it. Sorry if the image looks squished, I got it from my backup.


Honestly, looks cool, textures and models fits perfectly! But I’d change the lighting.


The lighting is rather flat; try adding some distinct light sources. Other than the lighting, everything else seems alright.

Post processing isn’t that daunting. It can make your artwork look much, much better.

Considering that this is some of your older work, I’d love to see some of your newer pieces! Keep it up.


It looks good! I like the theme/style of the GFX! You should change the lighting and make it a bit brighter though.


it’s not bad; this type of GFX is just usually limiting. I’m guessing you aren’t planning on making changes on an old artwork, but here are some suggestions for the future if you still make this kind of GFX:

  1. eye-catching, vibrant lighting (photo editing softwares are a huge help with lighting for changing exposure, contrast, saturation, and vibrance)
  2. more clear poses that are realistic and dramatic at the same time
  3. experiment with more interesting camera angles and styles, such as changing the field of view, rotating the camera to tilt left or right or look up or down at the subjects
  4. use the principled shader on characters and props so they reflect lighting and stand out more
  5. I also find it helpful to think of the story behind the GFX I am creating, such as why the characters are doing certain actions. this is a pretty good example of that because you can tell that they’re having a halloween dance party, but there is probably more you could’ve done with it, so you should just keep that in mind for future artworks

Highly appreciate your feedback, and will keep it in mind for new artworks~


Haha, yes I would add some HDRIs don’t know why that thing didn’t come to my mind at that time. The image looks dark, I get it. some lighting would’ve been better. I had the thought of making it dark because it’s Halloween, duh. Now looking back at it, have some regrets lol.

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Pretty good so far would just add better lighting

What render engine you use? If EVEE, i highly recommend switch over to Cycles.

I used blender 2.92, and yes I used cycles on this

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