Halloween group logo

Hi! I wanted to know if my Halloween logo was any good.
the group name is



It looks good on you but you should change the size of the letters because it takes up the whole image


The letters are too jumbled up. I can’t read it. The background is good! It and the lettering could use some improvement: different color schemes (more fall colors than just orange), make the word scoobis more eligible, and maybe add more to the background like skeletal trees?

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Very nice but it’s a little too big

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It’s kinda hard to read with the format it’s in. Other than that it’s pretty festive, and it’s nice to see groups changing up their logos for the spooky season. If you wanted to really go the extra mile you coulda try to incorporate some Halloween things into your logo, like maybe a Jack-O-Lantern face with the Os?

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It looks nice! But the letters are a bit too large and close together, its hard to understand what the image actually says. I like the theme, colors, and shading, those are super nice. But I think you should rearrange the text a little bit. Great job though!! x

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i think its scoobis, anyways, it looks somewhat spooky.

Hey there, overall it has some good potential. I like the colors that you went with as they fit pretty well with Halloween, though I recommend structuring the logo a little bit different in terms of the text as it looks a bit messy and can be a bit difficult and annoying to look at for some people.

Otherwise you have yourself a pretty good logo there.

A few of the objects look overcrowded and bland looking try adding more lighter colors on the right side instead of leaving one side have a dull appearance perhaps include more Halloween props like scarecrow, crows, something that’ll look appealing. You could always experiment with background selections as it’ll feature a similar halloween effect.

I feel like the rotated letters look a bit all over the place I couldn’t really figure out the group game or information on what it’s about. You could possibly create a design featuring a straight letters with decorations, the font is good consider reducing the rotating look it looks a bit bland and not something needed.

Although right know I’ll work on adding brighter colors on certain parts of the design.