Halloween Music

I was a bit bored and started to play around with bells and started to come up with a great melody reminiscent of Halloween. I also played around with a piano sound I liked with the reverb, J37 and stereo delay effects on it. I’d call it jumping just a little bit into sound design.

Any feedback on them (sound, mixing, etc) is appreciated! Also, before it’s asked, I have no intended use for either piece and you are free to take them.


This is amazing!
The music is suitable for an event, obby, horror, and in general for all games!

And I like the second music with its atmosphere, it gives me a little sadness and fear
Suitable for some kind of cutscene…

I like everything,
It’s a good job!

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I love the music especially the reverb it was done magically. However in order to make it sound scarier add church bells. Piano is great, organ is better.

It has aspects of horror, but it sounds more like a cinematic intro to a movie.
Pitch bend, velocity, risers, and detunes I find are missing here.

Take a look at the stranger things soundtrack

Cya, :wink:

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