Halloween Outfit

Hey! I made this halloween-themed variant of my normal outfit, what do you guys think of it?


It’s a little far from the Halloween theme. Give me more Halloween-related stuff

The outfit looks ok.


The pumpkin icon and the stripes for the shoes wouldn’t show normally if the player does not have a blocky leg.


The stripes wouldn’t show normally if the player doesn’t have a blocky body.

I like how you added a neckhole though, keep it up!

maybe add a shading template, if your using paint.net you can use a shading template and overlay it onto the clothes to give it more detail. shading templates can be found on google

other than that i like it keep it up!

It would’ve been better if you had also included an image of you or somebody wearing it, but it’s pretty cool! I really like the design. However, the symbols (heart, clover, etc) and the pumpkin bow seems a bit pixelisated. Additionally, as @IAmCam0510, you should add a shadow, but I do NOT recommend you to take one from google since you can have copyright and other stuff. Other than that, continue the great work!