Halloween project I started last month

Hey there! :wave:

A little while ago in October, I started a little trick-or-treat game project. The story behind how this started is that I found an older trick-or-treat game with scripting, UI and building that looks and functions outdated to what I can do now, so I decided to rebuild it from the ground up! :ghost:

This is a project that’s part of my recovery from not doing much development (at least modelling) for a while. It’s really helping me get back up on my feet again, and maybe I’ll even open commissions again if I’m confident enough after working on this.

Without further ado, here’s what I have so far! :smile:

Environment Test

This is a small environment test, which is basically what I plan on making the game look like in a way. Obviously this isn’t how the ACTUAL map itself is going to look, I’m going to make it larger and have multiple areas.

UI Elements

For a while, I’ve been practicing UI design. I think I’m doing pretty well however still need to practice scaling. If you guys have any general tips, please leave them in the replies! I’d appreciate it!

Things like the shop, inventory and settings aren’t 100% done and I even forgot to hide the tool hotbar when viewing the UI. Oops!

The candy and cash icons were made by my good friend JeckEtteck. :slight_smile:


I’ve made a few models that I’m happy to show off here. Still practicing modelling!

Early Gameplay Footage

This was recorded before I added more to the environment and UI.
A little bit of early gameplay footage! Showcases ringing doorbells and selling candy.
UI is a bit cut off because of how I recorded it. Woops!


Thank you for viewing! Let me know what you think and I’ll try my best to read/respond! :smiley:

sorry this is a lot of stuff lol

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It looks amazing, you shouldn’t do a topic for this because there’s nothing to criticize xD (in my opinion)

Same lol, and I think it’s true for everyone who tried to post a video on the DevForum at least once :joy:

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Thank you! It means a lot. :smiley:

I still think there’s probably something that can be changed here that I’m not seeing myself, so that’s why I believe the DevForum is the best place for receiving any feedback. :slight_smile:

The only thing I think I can criticize is the colors of the Robux shop. I don’t know how to say what I want to say because I have a bad English level but I don’t like the colors

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And after reviewing, you should also change the name of the candy shop seller, because “Candy Shop Owner” is strange for a name, you should make something like “Ben”. Same for the NPC called “Citizen”.

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I’ll look into renaming the NPCs, I have been noticing that giving them generic names like “Citizen” or “Candy Stand Owner” is a little boring, and I can easily just change it.

As for the colours in the Robux shop, I’ll also try swapping out the current colours with different colours and maybe make them look more vibrant.

Thank you for your feedback!

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That’s exactly the word I searched!

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This is great! My one issue is the game theme itself, Although you will have players it will be more popular in October because it is based of Halloween. Apart from that this is great and hopefully i can play it one day!

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If you mean the Halloween theme itself, then yeah, I mostly expect things to die down outside of October. It’s just how things works, I guess. Either way, this is also helping me get experience and practice in, so maybe I could make some regular simulator after.

Thank you for the feedback, though! And I hope to see you in-game when it releases. :slight_smile: