Halloween themed simulator

About The Job

The game will be a Halloween based simulator, made in a matter of days. It will release around Mid-October which means we need to work fast. The map will not be very big, and will often re-use models, but dedication will be heavily required.

What makes you a “better” candidate?

  • Working inside Roblox development teams before
  • A great sense of humor, here to have an active laugh with the team
  • Experience in using 3D modeling software

What are the requirements?

  • Advanced and very experienced in building on the platform
  • A passion for Roblox development
  • Creativity, and the ability to commit good ideas to the team
  • Strong community engagement and communication skills
  • Strong English speaking skills

What will you do?

  • Make all sorts of builds from small houses to crate models
  • Have a strong friendship with your fellow scripters and your fellow staff members
  • Enter studio and place in models in a way that looks nice and fits with the theme and style of the map


This position is a percentage position, which means you will get a % of the revenue the game makes over time. As this game is a season-based game most of its revenue will be made during the October month before the team departs back to other projects.


You must be 13 or older to apply.
To begin the application process, either message me here on the developer forum or message me on Discord (ollie#5950).

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