Hand drawn logo Copyright?


So I’m about to release a simple game to the public, but I realized I forgot to do my game icon for it. I got straight to work, but I wanted the incorporate the Roblox Studio logo into my icon. This is the logo:
This got me thinking about copyright, and I remembered something about not putting brands on the icons. To clarify, I visited the Developer Hub. I found this:

That pretty much answered my question, and I was bummed out. Then, I had another idea: would hand drawing the Roblox Studio logo still get me in copyright trouble? I tried drawing one on my icon, and it came out pretty good:

I used the Microsoft program Paint 3D.If you can’t see the logo, it’s drawn on the hat of the character near the top left. I also got ahead of myself and left a space in the word “Hangout” so that instead of the letter O, I could draw a Roblox Studio logo.

Would either or both of these be acceptable? What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading!

Edit: grammar mistake

As it says for the description, “do not include Roblox branding or other legally-branded material.” The whole idea behind this is to keep your thumbnails/icons original (and legal of course). I personally recommend keeping logos associated with Roblox out of the icon, and if you wish to have a logo then possibly consider making a logo for your game. For example, Jailbreak have their own logo. There are many things you can do that do not involve including branded material in your icons. Honestly, I’d just keep branded material out of the icon/thumbnails because you want to make your game unique and stand out. Using someone or something else’s logo is not the way to go about it. I also feel that not including branded material such as the Roblox logo should be fairly easy, as including the logo of Roblox in a Roblox game is unnecessary.