Hand Grab System

So for fun, and I thought you guys would really enjoy it I made this recourse for you guys to use

It lets your character grab stuff with their hands.

I made it so it works on mobile.

Grabtest.rbxl (38.9 KB)

I made sure to uncopy lock the place so you just copy the place

I’m not using this in any of my games so please use it in your games and share the link or pictures so we can see the cool edits you make have fun.


this is cool the only thing i would do is make any objects the player grabs have client ownership to prevent really weird behaviors. Maybe also add a blacklist system to prevent players from grabbing objects that should be marked for the server at all times. However I have not checked out the place file in studio so i dont know if you already have a system that only allows unanchored objects to be grabbed

Ok so I made it like this when the button is pressed it holds up the hand and when the hand touches something it creates a weld with what it touched as long as it’s not another character.

So you can grab any thing as long it’s not a character and I’m not using this in any of my games I just made it for fun and thought other people would like it

Honestly, It’s AMAZING! What would make it a little better are some more animations and instead of a GUI button to press to raise your hand, it should be a keyboard button. (for example: q or e)

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Thanks so much for the feed back and I used the GUI to make it mobile friendly and I planned on doing what you said about keys. And I’m not sure how to use a animation for the arm so if someone else knows how that would work that would be cool

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maybe on mobile it’s a gui and on PC it’s a keyboard button.

and also. could I use this for my game?

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Yes I made this so others could have fun with it and us it in there games.

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no dont get me wrong i think its hella cool but it was just a suggestion incase you were using this for a game you were making as well.