Handles/ArcHandles.MouseButton1Up does not fire if the mouse is not released over the adornment

The most noticeable occurrence of this is with qCmdUtl. Quenty sets a ChangeHistoryService waypoint on MouseButton1Up, when a part is finished being transformed. I’d imagine he’s experienced extreme frustration with this as it doesn’t appear he’s figured out why transformations to parts don’t get added as waypoints in ChangeHistoryService, but it’s because MouseButton1Up never fires and the plugin never knows that the handles aren’t being dragged anymore. It is possible to check if dragging has stopped through UserInputService.InputEnded & inputObject.UserInputType.Name == “MouseButton1”, but every person using Handles/ArcHandles.MouseButton1Up to determine when dragging has stopped is likely tearing their hair out trying to figure out what’s wrong with their code. Please fix.


Cam confirm. I had this problem with the custom building system in S323.

If anybody has resolved this somehow please let us know how to fix it.
MouseButton1Up never fires
MouseLeave throws an error instead of running the event