Hands Up track in the works

Just a track that’s been in the works, still need to spice up the beginning and think of what comes next, but I’m happy with where it’s going so far.

Having a hard time thinking of what comes next in the track, but I am thinking of switching the melody in the 2nd drop to this melody I made or I might save it for another song.

All feedback and ideas are appreciated! Just recently started taking music production seriously in the past 6 months(been producing very lazily before), and am constantly trying to improve(maybe I’ll open comms when I feel I am good enough). Just hope some of you enjoy what I’ve got so far.


This is really good i like how other music composers are getting into music, my idea is keep making music. The two tracks you put are very well done!!

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This is amazing. Even if you didn’t make this because of ROBLOX I am still very impressed that I site made for kids can help impact their life. For example, scripters can get interested enough in LUA that they start pursuing other languages. Another example is 3D modelers can like 3D modeling so much that they become a movie animator. It’s just so cool to see a platform that can help people find their passion, and not only that, but what passion it helps us find could potentially pay high as a job.


I think it is a really great track, and I think the melody would be perfect for the 2nd drop. I also really like the synths? I’m not too good with music production jargon, but I think that’s what they are. I recently have started trying to learn how to produce tracks.


Hey, I was wondering what program you used? I used to use fl studio, but never really got into it. Just wondering.

FL Studio. I use mainly Nexus and Sylenth1 for the synths and other instruments.


Nice. This is a really cool track by the way!

I thought “Eh, it’s Roblox, it’ll be OK I guess.” but this is AMAZING. This sounds like something that I would listen to


Amazing music you got there! Good luck with creating more music; the two samples were awesome!

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To be honest I love the sound! Very animated and good for loading intro’s, one thing you should add to the sound is a pinch of bass boost, just a little little bit, don’t go completely overboard with it so it is a remix, althrough I give the quality a 10/10 and overall 10\10 keep up the perfect work!:wink::wink: