Handyman 2.9 Winter Update

Handta has crashed his sleigh! It is up to you help him fix it and save Handmas. Maybe you will get a little reward for doing so as well?

- Help Handta refuel his sleigh to save Handmas and get exclusive rewards!
- Barter with his elves to get unique items!
- map updated to the winter update theme
- trees can now respawn in winter, takes longer than other seasons
- disabled seasons
- new types of mines: ice chunks and gumdrops
- new types of trees: spruce trees and lollipops
- new seed: candied seed
- snowman bases, snowmen body are now stackable
- great great oak tree now has a healthbar when you hit it
- great great oak tree can now drop up to 4 megalogs
- updated the spawn menu with new items
- you can now make snowmen with any hat currently in the game
- some more changes to the map
- you can now compress coal and rocks up to 10x
- sparkletime coal can now be crafted
- added a cancollide toolgun
- you can now craft multiple items at once if you are holding stacks
added a museum to the map to store and display certain collectables (boomboxes, picture frames, figurines, miniatures, easter eggs, tools, swords)
- updated inventory orientations of miniatures
- added 2 new npcs
- updated archaeologist dialog
- new pet slot in the inventory
- Halloween strange egg can now be put into the pet slot
- toolguns will now be automatically grabbed by the player when spawned
- added gift recipes back into the game
- removed presents

- new items in the ris: L

- new items: ice, blue/red/green/yellow/purple gumdrop, spruce log, cinnamon seed, sugar cane, sugar, cinnamon, hard candy, gingerbread, solid icing, vanilla, pink snowballs, pink snowmen, gingerbread man, compressed coal, compressed rock, L, W, True L, True W, False L, False W, False Bar, CanCollide Gun, tons of new snowmen, cocoa bean, cocoa, chocolate bar, candy bar, candied pickaxe, candied axe, candied shovel, candied hoe, opulent pickaxe, winter boombox 2, winter lorebook one, strange egg, strengthened cookie cutter, reflectum, winter medalion 2022, gift of spring

- new accessories: opulent pickaxe, candied tools, winter boombox 2

- new recipes: (sugar: sugarcane + sugarcane), (gingerbread: sugar + cinnamon), (solid icing: sugar + vanilla), (gingerbread man base: flimsy cookie cutter + gingerbread), (gingerbread man: gingerbread base + solid icing + any gumdrop), (candied tools: opulent tool + candy bar), (candy bar: chocolate bar + hard candy), (chocolate bar: cocoa + sugar), (cocoa: cocoa bean + vanilla), (true L/W: L/W + true bar), (false L/W: L/W + false bar), (W: L + L), (Diamond Lens: diamond + diamond), (sparkletime coal: 10x compressed rock + 10x compressed coal), (strengthened cookie cutter: diamond + flimsy cookie cutter), (gingerbread man base: strengthened cookie cutter + gingerbread)

- some performance optimization
- burning logs can now be sold
- 'Amythest' name changed to 'Amethyst'
- bug where crafted items are bugged should be fixed
- pumpkin medalion would not unequip properly