Hanging Sign Problem

Does anyone know how I could solve the issue of my sign flopping about like crazy? I tried making it super heavy etc and had no solution. I want it hanging so if someone hit it it’d move but right now it’s going hay-wire, thanks!

The floppy sign in question:


Its moving in the first place because rope constraints are just stupid in general.
To fix it youll need to get the distance between each attachment and then set that distance to the length in your ropeconstraint, otherwise your ropes will instantly shrink, trying to hog their side of the sign, causing the jittering.
Just set the length to 3 or something- that should work judging off of ur studs

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Oh I’ll try that ty. I am good now anyway because I added wind particles and they essentially make it swing realistically now so all is good :smiley: Thanks again anyway

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