Hangout Game Feedback

Working on a hangout game, I’m open for feedback:

Things I’m trying to target/make -

  • Gloomy, but somewhat peaceful aura
  • Enough interactivity
  • Good builds and good performance



honestly idk i actually like it allot

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I tried this graphics look fine but, using a R15 body the legs are stuck and don’t move at all. I was moving but with no walking animation at all.

it seems ive forgotten to set it to r6, sorry! :sweat_smile:

Just fixed it, animations should be working now!

Nope still nothing … straight as a board, yet still moving. I never use R6 and really don’t understand why anyone would. Personal preference I guess.

That’s weird… I’ll test it again.

Oh… It’s a sanitized ID/s. Seems it really won’t work.

Bumping the thread (WOOOOOOOOOO)!

It seems to be a bug on Roblox’s end.

  • Gloomy, but somewhat peaceful aura

I think it’s great, it fits the aura and vibe you mentioned. My only critique would be to make the game a bit bigger, such as adding an outside area such as a porch in a rainy/snowy mood, a new room, etc.

  • Enough interactivity

Interactivity is decent. I did not like the fact that the game allowed me to collect multiple mystery drinks and bloxy cola, maybe code it in a way so that you cannot take multiple drinks.

However, I liked the fact that there was plenty of furniture you could sit on! Maybe try being able to open windows, etc.

I was unable to enter keycode though.

  • Good builds and good performance

As I mentioned earlier, I think this game would strongly benefit from a surrounding area. When you look outside a window and shift-lock your character to view the building, it is just the void. Maybe try adding a background such as a forest?

Thank you for your feedback. I will add more things such as rooms in upcoming updates. This is what I would publish for now.

For the “void”, it is supposed to be like that. You could say it’s part of the lore.

Thank you again for the suggestions and comments!