Hangout Place/Meeting Center Feedback

Hello! I made a hangout place, that can also be used as a meeting place. This is supposed to be kind of like those “vibe” games. I would like your feedback on it. I made everything in the game, except for the text, that was made using a plugin.


Hello, Nice game and all but:

I get that your trying to create a style by spacing the lines out. But with the “W”


It looks kind of weird. also on your poster, It has a “content deleted” image

Currently checking it out. But I’d recommend posting screenshots as lots of people do not have time to check games out.


I don’t have the image uploaded yet sorry.

Look’s pretty well made. But there are a few things I was iffy about.

The couches seem off from the rest of the furniture. The armrests seem duplicated and not much effort put into it. And the couch itself seems a bit low.

I’m not a big fan of this, though it does make it seem more modern, It’s very distracting.

Other than those minor things, good work!


It looks good.

One thing that looks a little strange is that these office booths (what I’m suspecting they are) don’t have chairs but rather bean bags(?). They look odd and out of place so I suggest changing them.

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