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Hello! My name is Marley, and I am a UI Designer on the Roblox platform.

I’ve been designing interfaces on the platform since 2017, however only took this professional during late 2022. Helping out beginner games is something I really enjoy, especially those with extraordinary ideas and significant potential, but receiving no attention.

I am able to work with various styles of UI, specifically a minimal and professional style, and low-poly/cartoony UIs. One of my main objectives through my UI journey is learning to do graphic design - I believe this is an amazing skill for UI designers to have as it can really enhance the feeling of your UI!

Currently, I am employed at Nourity Corporation as a Senior Company Engineer, assisting with the hundreds of orders we frequently receive! I have also recently been employed as a Developer at LeMonde Airlines. Additionally, I work on personal commissions - my prices are very cheap and you can order from me by contacting me as specified at the bottom of this post!

Overall, I have contributed to OVER 5 MILLION VISITS!!

  • My past work will all be uploaded soon! For now, you can see some of my projects on my twitter - my username is @marleyydev.

My prices are very flexible!

  • I allow customers to choose their own prices, as long as it remains reasonable for the project.

But here’s some extra information…

  • I do not accept orders under R$5000 or £10.
  • I give a 10% discount when you order more than 3 frames in an order.
  • I accept both Robux and IRL currency payments.
    • I accept near to all currencies, and these payment go through Stripe.

My preferred methods of contact are via Twitter or DMs!

Thank you for reading! I can’t wait to hear from you again soon!

Thank you to @miloloco for the GFX’s of my avatar!

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