Happy Holidays For All

Hello everyone!

I have recently been gotten into graphical designing so I decided to whip a little holiday treat for everyone! I made both Christmas and Hanukkah versions. I hope you enjoy them and have a wonderful holiday!

Feel free to use them but you must give credit, please.

Christmas Treat (2)

Hanukah Treat

If you feel left out since there isn’t one for the holiday you celebrate this time of year, feel free to tell me and I will make one for it! I don’t want anyone being left out!


Wow! These look great and so wonderful. Good job on making these!

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Thank you, they aren’t much but thanks!

Wow, they both look amazing! I like the details on them, 10/10! Also love the fact you included Hanukkah for the people who celebrate it!


Love the color choice in the text!

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Wholesome as heck.

But those look great. I love the lighting, the glow you gave them both, and how the text fits in with the theme. 10/10!

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I like it, but the tree and roblox-made menorah don’t fit very well with your picture. Though, if it’s a classic-style vibe you’re going for, it fits very well.


Alright, thanks, I would’ve created my own tree/menorah but I can’t model, unfortunately.