Happy Holidays! Winter map


Hello dev friends! I changed my builder’s challenge submission to a winter theme and added a few things to do (tools). It’s currently a showcase bordering on a hangout and not a “game” per se since there are no secondary or tertiary game play elements yet (e.g. leaderboards or long term goals). I’m mostly using this as a means to work through various problems I’ll need to solve for a full and functioning game (which may or may not end up being this one).

Some ideas I’m kicking around:
[] separate snowball fight arena
[] building snowmen (or other things from snow blocks/balls)
[] Ai creatures

There are a few issues I'm aware of:
  • The sled has a couple of glitches (plr stays sitting when it’s unequipped and it can be used to “sled jump” - keeping both of these for the time being since some players enjoy exploiting them for fun in lieu of more well-rounded gameplay)
  • Some spots on sled trails need to be smoothed out
  • The atmosphere needs to be turned off inside the cave
  • The candy cane inside the hut is clickable but nothing happens (this is because I currently have the cane (speed boost) added to the backpack when a player spawns in)
  • “Snowball mode” doesn’t have a crosshair (trying to work out how to make accurate for all devices since I don’t necessarily want the hairs at the exact center of screen–although I may just do that)

Anyway, jump in! Bring a friend and hit them with a snowball. Sled the hills, roast a marshmallow and let me know what you think. Feel free to note any issues you find or suggestions you have for where this could go (I have ideas, but this is somewhat freeform and the brainstorming is ongoing).

Happy holidays everyone!

Thank-yous to:
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This map is so underated! If you advertised this it would probably become popular as it looks so good!

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Thanks so much for your kind words! Advertising could potentially be a way to increase exposure, but it seems like I’d want some progression or something to work toward before I tried attracting players. Chasing each other with sleds and snowballs can be fun for a bit, but the more I lean into that the more it seems to detract from the chill, hang-out vibe. Maybe it could work as a lobby of sorts for some wintery sub games. Anyway, advertising sooner rather than later is something to think about. It would be nice to know if others have tried posting ads for a showcase and how that went.

Thanks for checking it out. I appreciate your thoughts.

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No problem go ahead and do what you wish! Have a great day.

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