Happy new year developers!

Happy new year!!! for this special day at the end of the calendar, i’m maked a firework system for you! it’s maybe advanced, i’m used parts to create a fireworks, it’s my first time i’m making that advanced cframe operation , but i’m think you are happy, here is a code of course: Fireworks - Roblox, it’s link to get system, put it in workspace , it’s easy, but if you wan’t customize colors , try to find brick color and set some stuff. A part of that, i’m wish you health and luck! , i’m wish you all succeses in your games, projects or systems, i’m wish you to become pro dev and make the most popular game in entire roblox! here is a video of my presentation if someone wan’t to use it:

NOTE: if you don’t understanding this code, try to learn about beziers and some trigonometry to fully customize it, also happy new year!


Thank you for the fireworks you made us and they are cool


Thanks , i’m really happy because this year was awesome for me, and i think the next will be better

Happy New Years and thank you for the cool display!