Harajaku' Affiliate Information

Are you interested in forming a partnership with Harajuku? This document is here to help you with the information that you will require in order to form an alliance with us! Harajuku was established on July 5th, 2020. With over 1800 members, we’re growing rapidly with the community. In order to form a partnership with our company, you must pertain to requirements and application. Once you have written your application, you must send it to one of our members in the Communications Department.


  • Your group must have 500+ members in your ROBLOX group, and 80+ members in your communication server. Exceptions will be accepted depending on what success your group has.
  • Your group must be beneficial to the Harajuku group.
  • Your group must have a good history & reputation in ROBLOX.
  • Your group must have professional staff members.
  • Your group doesn’t sell any ranks.
  • The establishment must be related to cafe/restaurant/hotel/clothing industry.


  1. Please provide the link to your group that you’re applying to. (ROBLOX & Discord)
  2. Why would you like to form an alliance with Harajuku?
  3. How would both companies benefit each other as alliances?
  4. List your 2 group representatives.
  5. Do you agree to follow all our alliance guidelines?