Harbour Coffee Handbook

Harbour Coffee

Welcome to Harbour Coffee!

Harbour Coffee is a Café group here on ROBLOX. We always put our community first, and everyone is welcome in our group. Great coffee and even greater customer service can always be guaranteed here at Harbour. You can visit our café for a drink and a bite to eat, or can become a worker here and provide these services for others.

Harbour Coffee was founded by r_jxck on February 2nd 2022, with development kicking into gear in March 2023.

Harbour Coffee Group


At Harbour Coffee, we strive to create a safe, friendly and welcoming environment for everyone. In order for this to be achieved, we have a set of rules that must be followed at all times.

Rules for everyone:

  • Respect everyone in the community.

  • Follow the ROBLOX rules and guidelines at all times.

  • All developer product purchases are final. No refunds are permitted.

  • Do not troll or exploit in any Harbour games. Doing so will result in a removal from the server.

Rules for staff:

  • Grammar must be utilised at all times when working within the café.

  • Everyone must be treated with respect, no matter of the rank.

  • Treat all customers with respect and politeness. A troller is not an excuse for you to be rude.

  • Don’t ask for a promotion. If you are active and clearly dedicated to your job, you will be noticed. Promotions should be earned.

  • Report any problems to management (Supervisor+) rather than trying to handle the situation yourself.

If you break any of the above rules, there will be punishments such as warning, bans or demotions from your current rank.

If you notice any member breaking one of the above rules, please report them to Management (Supervisor+) and they will deal with it.

Group Games

This is the main game within our company. This is where Staff will go to work and Customers can visit for a chat and to order a refreshing beverage or a snack.
Harbour Coffee - Roblox

Training Centre:
This is where Trainees can go to attend a scheduled training and earn their place as a Junior Barista. Additionally, Junior Baristas and Baristas can prove themselves worthy of a promotion through the Lower Ranks.
Training Centre - Roblox

Application Centre:
This is where Customers can apply for the chance to become a Trainee. Fill out the application and then, after being promoted, you can attend a scheduled training and become a Junior Barista.
Application Centre - Roblox

Rank Information

Customer: A loyal visitor to the café and valued member of the community.
Trainee: A customer that has passed an application and is waiting to be trained so they can become a staff member.

Lower Ranks:
Junior Barista: A staff member that has just passed a training session and is ready to work at the café.
Barista: A more experienced staff member that is now fully confident working at the café.
Senior Barista: A very experienced staff member that has worked at the café for a longer time and is secure in the role. Can now be considered for a promotion to MR for high levels of activity and dedication to the role.

Middle Ranks:
Intern: An MR in training. Going through a training program in order to become a permanent MR at the café. Can supervise shifts and training sessions.
Supervisor: An official member of management at Harbour. Can host and supervise shifts and can train LRs at trainings.
Assistant Manager: A trusted MR that has been promoted from Supervisor. Has all of the responsibilities of a Supervisor but can also Co-Host training sessions.
Manager: The highest MR rank. Has all of the responsibilities of an Assistant Manager but can Host training sessions and promote those that pass the session.

Higher Ranks:
Executive Intern: An HR in training. They have proved their professionalism and dedication to the community as an MR and is ready to take on more responsibilities.
Executive Officer: A permanent HR at Harbour. Has all responsibilities of MRs but is also assigned a department (Human Resources or Public Relations) to work in.

Super High Ranks:
Board of Directors: BoDs have many responsibilities within the community. They oversee the operations at the café, ensure that all ranks lower are doing their jobs and organise community events.
Developer: Developers make, edit and produce the games that you all play. They make decisions on what the future of Harbour looks like and put time and effort into making the games that we all enjoy.
Vice President: The President’s second in command. They oversee all operations at the café and are the heads of their respective departments. Will take over as acting President if the President has to take a Leave of Absence.
President: The owner and creator of the community.

Promotion Information

Customer - Trainee
Pass the application found in the Application Centre (linked in “Group Games”).
Trainee - Junior Barista
Pass a training at the Training Centre.
Junior Barista - Barista
Pass a training at the Training Centre.
Barista - Senior Barista
Pass a training at the Training Centre.
Senior Barista - Intern
Get noticed for activity and professionalism working at the café by our HR team. You will be DM’ed on Discord by one of them, requesting for you to join our MR team.
Intern - Supervisor
Pass the intern training program.
Supervisor - Assistant Manager
Be extremely active and attend many shifts and trainings. You will be noticed by our HR or SHR team and offered the promotion to Assistant Manager.
Assistant Manager - Manager
Work extremely hard as an Assistant Manager and be noticed by our HR or SHR team. You will be offered the promotion to Manager.
Manager - Executive Intern
Work extremely hard and be active as an MR. You will be noticed by the SHR team and offered the promotion to join our HR team.
Executive Intern - Executive Officer
Pass the HR training program.
Executive Officer - Board of Directors
Prove yourself as an extremely trusted member of the team. In the event that we have less than 5 Board of Directors, the SHR team will collectively decide upon an Executive Officer to promote to join the team.
Board of Directors - Vice President
This is an extremely rare promotion that will only occur when one of our existing VPs leave. The President will choose the most active and dedicated BoD to promote to VP.

Recipe Guide

Hot Drinks
(For a Flavoured Coffee, just add the flavour at the end of the drink)
(Iced) Regular Coffee - Cup + Regular (+ Ice)
(Iced) Decaf Cofffee - Cup + Decaf (+ Ice)
(Iced) Espresso - Cup + Espresso (+ Ice)
(Iced) Americano - Cup + Espresso + Hot Water (+ Ice)
(Iced) Latte - Cup + Espresso + Milk + Cream (+ Ice)
(Iced) Cappuccino - Cup + Espresso + Milk (+ Ice)
(Iced) Tea - Cup + Hot Water + Tea + Milk (+ Ice)
(Iced) Green Tea - Cup + Hot Water + Green Tea (+ Ice)
(Iced) Black Tea - Cup + Hot Water + Tea (+ Ice)
Hot Chocolate - Cup + Hot Water + Chocolate Flavouring + Milk

Soft Drinks
(Iced) Water - Cup + Water (+ Ice)
Any other soft drink - Use the Coca-Cola machine

Milkshakes and Slushies
Milkshakes - Milkshake Cup + Milk + Flavour + Ice + Milkshake Blender
Slushies - Milkshake Cup + Ice + Flavour + Slushy Blender

For any food item, just click on the appropriate item from the shelf.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact an HR+. Thank you for being part of the Harbour Coffee community!

r_jxck, Harbour Coffee’s President and Founder