Harbour showcase

Hi there,

I’ve been working on a showcase, based in a fictional Dutch harbour in the 50s. I am a bit clueless on how to continue, however. What would you guys think I should add or change?

You can play the game here.
Thanks in advance!


Nice stuff!
There are two changes I’d make:

  1. The buildings are very flat compared to the train and cranes. For the place to come together more you should aim for more consistent detail.

  2. The image below. The carriage is completely one colour. Could use some more variation.

But dude a lot of these models have some amazing detail!


I’ll work on the first point, but (sadly) the wagons are completely brown in real life…

I could maybe add some dirt or repair marks?

Impressive! :clap:

My suggestion is that you added more variations of the wagons. While your idea of adding dirt and repair marks is good, if I were you I would add a cloth over one of these. But something important that you need to keep in mind is: what makes a building good is variation.

In real life nothing is identical to another even if it’s something industrialized, yes they might have a similar shape or colour, but they are essentially different. In Roblox I replicate this with using different tones for the colours, changing the model’s rotation, etc. All this will guarantee your game looks more realistic. It wont simply be a copy-paste, each model will have it’s own history, even if it’s in an online lego game. :smile:

Regardless of my childish view and opinion, which lacks logical argumentation, you did a really nice job. Congratulations and good luck.


Yeah, dirt would work perfectly fine. I think colour variation is a much simpler way to do it.


Thanks for the feedback :smile:

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Awwww, too bad it’s fictional. I’m currently living in Rotterdam for college and wanted to visit it myself.

The showcase itself looks good, but it has a lot of stretched out paths and walls with nothing to break the pattern. Try to break up the concrete walls and paths with some broken surfaces, like bricks showing trough the cracked painting on a wall or some roots bringing up some stones in a path.

(also Rotterdam has a lot of seaguls which you hear ALL THE GOD DAMN TIME, try to add them for some extra sound effects.)

(also also, some nice water sound effects would also be pretty neat)

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Aight dawg listen up,

Add some boats that sulk by, through the river in the background.
I don’t know if that bridge is meant for cars or a train, but regardless, add a moving vehicle[s] on that bridge.
Yo, make the switches switchable, so when I click on the track switch switcher, it at least moves/rotates for that small fun.

And overall, just keep on bricking, dude.

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There are a variety of seagull sounds playing in the background, maybe they are too soft?

I will work on the buildings, they are indeed a bit plain!

I like these ideas, will work on them :slight_smile:

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Your showcase is going to really benefit from the Range Fog mode coming into studio. But as far as it currently goes it looks amazing!

Thanks! I have recently not really updated the place, but as school is coming to an end for me I’ll make sure to work on it again.

I have slowly been working on the showcase for the past months and I did improvements on the area’s that needed this the most. For the second time, if anyone has spare time to check it out, I’d appreciate it!

The game can be played here, but here is a little preview to start with:



Thanks in advance!


In terms of the build, it’s a drastic improvement. The lighting however, is where I have to nitpick. The old version gave it a much more interesting atmosphere compared to this new crisp and clear version.


My main reason for picking this new style of lighting is because the old one made many details basically invisible. This just feels a lot more natural to me.

The fog in-game is more dense, for the sake of taking a nice picture I increased the FogEnd distance.


While the wagons may be one color in real life, you should still do some variety when it come to them. Stuff as little as changing the shade of brown in some areas to lighter and in some to darker, little things like that will help make it look less bland and over all much better.