Hard to explain. Color tint certain things

Hi. I’m currently trying to figure out how to map territory for a game mode in my game by coloring a specific part of the ground beyond some sort of line a certain color. In short, I want the blue teams side of the ground to be colored blue and the red team part of the ground colored red. Problem is, the territory is constantly changing so statically coloring things won’t work. The line that divides the territory will be constantly moving along the x axis based on the players gain.

Short crappy demonstration:

I don’t even know if this is possible so I don’t know where to start, but If anyone can help me that would be great!

Edit: this might not be scripting related so if it’s not possible by script please let me know so I can move the category.


here is an easy way to detect which side the player is on:

make 2 zone parts, one for the red team and one for the blue.

then use workspace:GetPartsIn() to see who is on which side.


Yeah but I want it to visually tell the player who’s territory is what.


you want to color on each terretory to tell the player which is which?


Yeah like I said in the post. I want it to visually tell the player who’s territory is what.


are you having trouble checking if a player’s character is in a certain zone?


No -_-. Here let me just show you a demonstration:


Goes to this:

(I did this part with unions. It was my rough attempt but creating the unions was wayyy to slow)


you want it to look like the 1st image right?


No, the one that clearly shows the blue and red territories.


You can put every part that’s in the blue side and need to be colored in a folder and the same for the red and loops trought the two folders to change parts colors !


Sorry, Like I said this is hard to explain. The line that splits the 2 territories is constantly changing. I can’t statically color things. So the line could be all the way at blue team base, or at red team base depending on the points. Even with this, I still need the terrain to be colored. I wish there was a way to wrap a color layer around a certain area :confused:


So you only want to colour the terrain?

Is the terrain all block parts and wedges?

If so i have an idea but its complex, and will not work on the sloped side of wedges so you’d need tk remake the terrain

It involves surfaces guis, colour gradients, and a much of mafs youll have to figure out

But it wont be 100% perfect probably


This is indeed not so simple to achieve. Could you explain to us what defines the territory of a team? And how is it stored?


Perhaps you could use a red and blue image and change the image offset gradually in either direction.
I suggest looking into sprite sheets for more detailed information

Worst comes to worst, make it so each part is individually conquerable, and when one team has conquered it it changes color. (when it’s split 50/50 you could have both colors on it or a checker pattern)