Harmonyz Public Handbook

:coffee: Harmonyz | Overview :coffee:

“Harmony, at its finest”

Harmonyz is an up-and-coming cafe that takes pride in quality, fresh beverages served right. Harmonyz serves only the freshest of products to produce a memorable experience with our master crafted milkshakes, coffee blends, and variety of teas.

Community Links

Harmonyz Community Links

:coffee: Group Link (3) Harmonyz - Roblox
:coffee: Game Link In Progress
:coffee: Rank Center In Progress

Affiliate Requirements

Welcome to Harmonyz, to first become an Ally with Harmonyz, please check if you have the correct requirements:

  • 1000+ Group Members
  • 100+ Non-Botted Discord Members
  • Must have 2 reps for your group
  • Good reputation in the Roblox Community
  • Professional Discord
  • Must be somewhat active

If you believe you meet these requirements DM what bits#1466 or evelyn;#2327 for further instructions.