Harsh criticism required for terrain


I require harsh criticism on this piece of terrain.
Harsh criticism is the only way to improve and I honestly feel I can do better but don’t know where exactly. Your help is appreciated and hopefully improve this.

Go crazy, do not hold back.

Thank you in advance.




I mean… Terrain is decent. Maybe if you carve some sharp edges somewhere on it would make the scene look better. Rooms that you’ve made by eroding your hills are slightly dull, maybe if you make them uneven on width and length it will fix the issue. Excluding the terrain itself, I find it strange that none of your trees didn’t bend or rotate down the hill side, all of them seem to be perfectly straight. The ropes/vines also don’t have any start/end point, If I were you I’d make some hooks or anything similar to show that they are not just clipping through terrain, but they are placed with passion.
-Otherwise good job on the terrain, if its a game that you’re making I would like to see more progress about it. Looks interesting, keep up the good work!


It’s very grey and rocky. If I ripped a bit of terrain out the ground I’d expect a mixture of rock and mud, with various roots poking out.

Trees struggle to grow in just pure rock so it just seems a little unnatural. Though I suppose a floating mass of land is unnatural by nature anyway.


Very good job on the terrain!

Although this might be the angle, I am not quite sure what is going on right here:

Also, another thing that popped out to me was the amount of trees you added to the floating island. Are you sure that there should be that many trees? Specially below the top surface?

This as an entirety, looks like it was spammed with trees compared to the rest of the map.

Also, I agree with @EhhDmitry about the ropes. Is this island meant to look undiscovered? If not, perhaps add some decoration to them. For example lamps to lighten up with darker places in the passages below.

And if you really want to add some fantasy to this island, you could attach a waterfall from the top island that goes down to the land below.

Great work and I hope my feedback was some sort of helpful.

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It looks great! I don’t have much things to say but I think personally there’s a bit too much trees on that island. Also the ‘pond’ is a little small for me. Anyways hope your game will go on the top page! (if it’s going to be a game :sweat_smile:)

I’m not a builder or anything, but maybe putting some nature like material on the bottom of the huge floating rock, like dirt and some moss.

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Here is an update.
I redid the vines.
I added roots that dangle from the ground (definitely went overboard)
I added an excuse to keep the island floating, the purple rocks with fantasy properties or whatever
I highly decreased number of trees
Added a second island

Hope i improved from before



Looks very dull and plain in my opinion. I think it needs some brown for dirt and maybe a slight bit lighter colors to help it pop out. As of now it just looks like it was taken in a black and white camera.

This is not a problem in the slightest though, it might just be their choice, some people just like a more dreary ambient for their games, i personally do as well, it feels less aggressive and more relaxing.


On the 1st screenshot, I noticed the trees are gray. I think you should recolor them. I do like your terrain build and I like the floating Island.
How long has this build taken you?

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I want a realistic look to the place, dreary makes it look…depressing, which is good. I do not want it to be overly colorful like low poly places are.

However, with a realistic POV in mind, does it still need brighter colors?

The trees are a shade of sand green. Roblox is probably messing around with the shaders.

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I think it looks nice, you could mess with the exposure compensation and outdoor ambient a bit more if you want.