Harvest Official Announcement Trailer

Hello, My name is CrazyCorrs! I quickly put together this trailer for my new game Harvest which I have been developing for the past 2 months. I can’t wait to release it! I want to know your opinions on this game concept and trailer?

How to Play:
Buy and Plant seeds. Harvest, sell and expand your land. Hire workers to help Plant and Harvest your fields. That’s just the basics, there is much more to the game such as Chickens, Pigs, Fishing, Potions and so much more!

Trailer: - YouTube
Game Link: GONE - Roblox

GFX Credits - @Manwire06

:innocent: This Saturday (07/08/2021) :innocent:


I don’t know if it was a oopsie but in the tralier you can see a floating building along with a floating jerry can (at 0:25)

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Yeah it was an oopsie lol. I rushed the Trailer as the game was out soon. Completely forgot about those xD

Game looks good, do you mind if i make a YT video of me playing it after its release?

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