Has my games sponsor done well?

So Ive been sponsoring my game for beta and I want to know if the sponsor has done well or not, and why it has or hasnt.

  1. What do you want to achieve?
    A successful roblox game

  2. What is the issue?
    Has my sponsor done well enough for the robux I paid?

  3. What solutions have you thought of so far?
    -Sponsor more?
    -Advertise through Youtubers
    -Advertise anywhere else

Sorry if I have reposted or anything or posted in the wrong category as this is my first post here

anyway here is an image of the sponsor:

Sadly, you won’t be getting a huge playerbase with only 500 Robux

From past experiences, you get around like 10-20 players with around 2k Robux.
It also depends of the time you launch the sponsor, as an example, doing it today might be a bad idea as it is the New Year and peoples are gonna spend more time outside of Roblox.

Alright, Thank you for letting me know. Next time I will likely use around 2-3k and see how that goes. Im fine with 10-20 players for my first proper game :grinning:

I have 4k to spend, do you think it will be enough?

4k Robux to begin with is correct. Though, as I said earlier, you should pay attention to when you decide to launch the ads.

Today is the New Year so peoples are gonna be with their families rather than on Roblox.

With 4k it may depend on how many days you would like to sponsor it