Has premium payouts skyrocketed?

My game, created 2 years ago when I knew absolutely NOTHING about Roblox studio, just received a premium payout of 856 robux. There are only 300 visits on the game and I have not invited many friends to play it, a while ago I earned 1 robuck from premium payouts on this game so I am very surprised. Has premium payouts skyrocketed, and should I increase the benefits in my upcoming game for premium members?

(I copied scripts from youtube videos, and I don’t plan to fix the game. Pretty much moved on. This was the only name I came up with 2 years ago lol) Rager Parkour - Roblox


I’d say put in benefits for any project you think is worth it. I don’t know if premium payouts have gotten better, but benefits make premium players a lot happier as many developers don’t have benefits.

When I first got premium I tried to check out every game that had benefits, but there was little to none. Most “premium benefits” are a trail or something small that nobody will ever really use. If you decide to make benefits, make it worth the premium players time to have premium. If that makes sense.

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