Has the option to undo flags been intentionally revoked?

Recently, after using the flag system, I’ve noticed that I’m unable to undo a flag. I could’ve sworn there was an option to undo flags made, but that option is no longer available. Is there any specific reason why?

There’s a couple of posts that I’ve flagged that were later resolved in a DM or of the poster’s own free will. I intended to remove these flags later, but realized I couldn’t. The same goes for a recent flag I made, which was accidental and I selected the “Something Else” category as opposed to “I want to send this person a message”. So now the moderator forum group is sitting with a false flag that I can’t remove.


I noticed this before too. There was one time I went to flag a post and realized I clicked the wrong option as I flagged it, with no option to undo it that I could see, even though I feel like there used to be one. Would be nice to have it back, if possible.


According to the discourse meta flags, similarly to likes can’t be removed 10 minutes after this action has happened by default, apparently this can be changed with the “post undo action window mins” setting. I’ve had a situation where I’ve flagged a post and then it was edited to be fine and a moderator was likely confused unless they checked the edit history, if I’m understanding how that works.

Excuse the bump post, just updating with a little information. I haven’t yet been able to check on PC or re-check my flags after a certain amount of time passing on mobile, but it seems that I’m unable to undo flags on mobile.

It may be that flags can’t be undone if “Something Else” is selected since it sends a DM to the moderator group, but any other general flag option can be undone within a certain window.

Has the setting been set to 0 here? I asked about it on discourse meta months ago and it just got bumped today, the revocation of our ability to undo flags been hidden behind a setting the entire time. I find that I flag posts, but after a while the post gets fixed, so there is no point in flagging it anymore. It has also happened that I flag a topic for being in the wrong category, but minutes later I get a notification that it got moved to the correct category. Due to me being used to this feature being misused (“editing their topic to bypass flags”) I instantly flag it again quickly. But I realize “oh the OP moved their topic to the correct category” and now an incorrect flag has been put by me.

But, the setting includes both likes and flags.


So why can’t we undo flags within the time set here but we can undo likes?