Hat as a Weapon

I’m making a mech, and wanted his spiked hat to be used as a weapon. I tried stuff but none of them are working. This is how it looks in the viewport, and in the explorer.


Do you mean detection methods or?

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I mean like would I need to make the hat a tool or something, or when it does the move, it could clone the hat then place it at the place they were looking when they used the move, then kept it spinning there for a bit, then return it, kinda like Cappy from SMO.

Do you need the player to use the hat or the mech?

It uses both, the starter character is the mech, but the weapon im gonna use is the hat.

It should work fine I guess?
For example just put script in a part (this is just an example, i am not saying u are using this method, and this will be a messy script because it’s just for reference)

if hat.Name == “RobotHat” then — you can change “RobotHat” to what ever you want it to be
(what ever you want here)

I’d need to use rays for this too correct?