Hat attachments are positioned 0.1 unit lower than they should in Studio only

When a hat accessory (using the HatAttachment) is placed on a character in Studio, it is incorrectly positioned 0.1 unit lower than it should be.

  • This happens with R6 and R15 characters.
  • It does not happen in play mode or in-game, only in Studio edit mode.
  • Only happens when an Attachment named HatAttachment is used.

Images of the problem:

Notice the hat is slightly higher when ran.

In the image above, you can see that the positions of the attachments do not match. When the game runs, the attachments shift to match as they should.

To reproduce:

  • Insert a properly rigged R6 or R15 character model
  • Create an accessory with a Handle and an Attachment named HatAttachment
  • Put the accessory in the character’s model in edit mode
  • Click on the corresponding HatAttachments and notice that they are not aligned
  • Run the game and see the hat shift up slightly


  • Windows 10 Home Premium
  • Roblox Studio 0.460.0.416222 (64bit)

do you have a repro place for this? I looked at this with an anchored Humanoid model, and didn’t notice a difference. Also, you aren’t selecting the same instance in your two screen shots

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I can’s seem to reproduce this issue myself. Now it moves the Handle to (nan, nan, nan) when I paste an accessory into the character model.


Every time I try, it seems to do something different. One time, when I pasted the hat in the character, my screen went black because the camera was translated to NaN.

It might have something to do with team create.
I don’t have a repro because I can’t get this bug to consistently happen.

I’ll create an issue for this so I can look into it further

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