Hat Collecting Simulator - Please give feedback


Hi there, we are CodeX productions, a small studio. We are currently in the process of polishing and adding features/content to our game, Hat Collecting Simulator.


The game is currently unfinished, and many features are waiting to be added, this is just a demo version, so please bare with us.

About the game

Basics of the gameplay

As you can tell by the name, this game is about collecting (or popping) hats. You can touch the hats to pop them, then exchange them for coins at the Roblox HQ. The hats get liquified and put into a tank.

You can then use those coins to rebirth, at certain rebirth levels, you can unlock different areas, where different hats fall.


When the tank in the Roblox HQ fills up (500 hats), all the clouds above the HQ will be shot at with a beam, and will drop 3x more hats for 60 seconds.

Why we posted this

We posted this because we want to gather feedback and suggestions on the game, and improve the game based off of the feedback.

So that’s why we are asking you, to give the game a try, and write your:

  • thoughts about the game
  • what you would change/improve
  • what you would like to be added in the game
  • other opinions/things you want to add
  • tips on player retention and other related stuff for this kind of game

…inside a reply to this post!

If you have any criticism, please make it constructive, as we are looking to improve the game off this post!

If you have any more questions about the game or comments, feel free to reply to us!

Much appreaciation and big thanks,


Hi there! Just checked out your game and there are a few suggestions I would like to say.

1.) Change the hat collecting sound to something more pleasant. Maybe a click or something?

2.) Turn the bloom down more, and make the hats bigger and easier to see.

3.) Have the color of hats be random when they drop? (might add more piazzas)

4.) Maybe add a quick pickup animation? Like when you’re picking up a hate have your right or left arm(depending on which arm the hat is closer to) do a “pick up” animation where it moves down and “scoops” it up. Make sure that the arm is the only thing moving so it seems realistic.

5.) Get a professional to showcase the game in the thumbnail

Other notes:
-Add differences in the tree’s
-make the fountain extremely detailed. It seems like it’s the center piece
-Add more detail/make it more interactive so the player stays longer
-Add a colourful tutorial
-Smooth out paths so it doesn’t look like this: https://gyazo.com/7a188e9108be21a84ff72b30d04e77bd

Maybe add a local music button where the player can player his/her own music?

Besides those things, the game looks really nice so far! Make sure there’s lots of detail and interactive stuff like challenged, etc. so the player stays in the game longer!

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Hi, so far I am liking the concept of the game. I think with a few tweaks it can be real fun!

Joining the game

I noticed when joining I am presented with a short loading screen. I joined multiple times on my mobile and PC and felt as though it wasn’t really loading anything but was just there for the “sake of it”, if this is the case you should remove it and replace it with an actual asset loader.

Game sounds

I am not liking the hat collection sound. It pops and can frighten some players who hear it for the first time (especially with headphones on) however your other music whilst playing is calm and not too loud which is great.

Game Pass

Your hat magnet pass works well but if a player is going to be paying 250 robux for this then I suggest you make the radius of collection higher so it is more satisfying.

Visuals and hat variety

The hats need to be more clear to see (maybe made bigger) or just stand out more as an object that can be collected, I also noticed that there is nothing to do with them when you have collected the hats. If you added a hat index of all collected hats it would make the player feel rewarded for finding them (this would require you make new hats and a rarity system)

Map and surroundings

Search some building tutorials up and populate the map, currently it is very limited in terms of things to do. Add some obbys maybe and in general just create some fun gameplay linked to the hats.

Extra notes

Saving - Make the game automatically save. Nobody likes to click a button each time they want the game to save.

Consistency - Some parts of the game are low-poly built and others are not with classic styled building, stick to one.

Overall Opinion

Overall its getting there but currently you need to work on the gameplay aspect and add more things to do with your coins and hats, add shops, buildings, anything you can imagine. Use other simulators as guides, be creative and think of your own unique ideas that could make this game fun.

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Although your visuals are pretty good, this does not exactly stand out as a simulator, as it does not really introduce new concepts. Roblox has many simulators, and to stand out when making a simulator you want to have a mechanic outside of the basic game loop (collect resources/click, sell it for money, improve), as more unique games generally have a more engaged audience. Simulators do not have the best engagement with the audience, so I would say that you should add something to engage the audience. Perhaps, for example, the server is in a competition for who collects the mouse hats, etc. (Obviously not the best idea, but the point is, you should add something to engage the audience, make the game loop a little more interesting and make the game stand out more from other simulators).

A vital question you should always ask yourself when making things like games is,
“What makes this game stand out from others?”

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