Hat facing the other way

My hat is facing the other way how to fix it?

I think it is the way that you exported the mesh part in reference to the origin. I believe you can change that by doing ctrl + l

it didnt work some how :confused:

Try going into the hat handle and changing the original orientation properties

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how do i do it? im new at modelling sadly

This is not scripting-related.

If the hat is a mesh, rotate it using Roblox Studio’s rotate tool.

If the hat is an accessory, fidget with the orientation property.

but if i like you know upload this in ugc(example)
it may be facing the other way

why can’t you just rotate it lol

Find the model in the explorer tab, locate the hat, open the hat tab, inside will be a handle select that then in the properties tab scroll down until you see original orientation then change the middle number

I did it! i only had to rotate it in blender

Yeah or that will also work lol