Hat Importer [FREE] [1.0.0] - A free plugin to insert Accessories in your place!

:warning: This post is for a previous version of Hat Importer [FREE], you can read the latest post here. :warning:



I was in need of a tool to import hats from the Catalog for one of my games, and since the only plugin that I’ve found is paid access, I thought that I could make my own version and share it for free! :smile:

Hat Importer [FREE]

Current Version: 1.0.0

Hat Importer [FREE] is a plugin designed to import any Accessory from the Catalog directly to your game, ready to use!

Link to the plugin.

How to use:

  1. Open Roblox’s Avatar Shop (Catalog - Roblox)
  2. Open an Accessory’s purchase page (example: Violet Valkyrie - Roblox)
  3. Copy the Accesory’s ID from the search bar
  4. Open the Hat Importer [FREE] plugin
  5. Paste the ID in the ID field
  6. (Optional) Put the coordinates where the Hat or Accessory will be placed in the X, Y and Z fields
  7. Click “Insert”
  8. Your Hat or Accessory has been successfully imported and inserted!

This is the first version of this plugin, and it’s currently limited to import only accessories. I am open to extend the functionality of this plugin if you have an idea or feature that you’d like to see!

Thank you for your time! :blush:

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This is easier

game:GetService("InsertService"):LoadAsset(assetId).Parent = game.Workspace

I know it’s as easy as putting this line in the command bar, but I wanted to make a plugin for it to make the process a little bit faster and more customizable if needed.

It’s also easier for people less familiar with the command bar, programming in Roblox and Roblox’s services!

It would be interesting to see this plugin add support for importing all asset types.

I’ve seen a couple plugins like yours with similar features, but I have not seen anyone add a “Recents” or “Saved Imports” section. This would be a cool feature to distinguish your plugin from the rest.

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This is a very interesting feature to add, I will definitely include it in the next version!

Thank you! :hugs:

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