Hat Importer [FREE] [1.1.0 - NEW UPDATE] - Added Insert History!

Hello again!

Thanks to the suggestions that @deafaultyboii1324 made in the original post of the plugin, I’ve added some new features to Hat Importer [FREE]! :smiley:

If you have a feature that you’d like to see added, comment in this post and I’ll add it to the Possible Features for the next patch! Thank you! :hugs:

Hat Importer [FREE]

Link to the plugin.

Link to Version [1.0.0]

Current Version: 1.1.0

What’s new:

  • Insert History (Log): The plugin will register up to 20 recent insertions in a log that’s displayed in the UI!
  • Insert Hat from Log: If you want to re-insert a previously inserted hat, you can click it in the Log to copy the hat’s ID into the ‘Hat id’ field!
  • Autoselect insertions: Now the selection will automatically change to the hat when you insert it!

Video showcase:

Possible features in future patches:

  • Allow the plugin to insert any kind of asset: I’m still considering this idea, but I’ll probably not implement it at the end. What I’d like to test is inserting Clothing from the Catalog.

  • Insert a hat directly into a Humanoid: This will be 100% added in the next update of the plugin!


If you can add a feature that adds the hat to a selected Humanoid, then it would be a great plugin for creating NPCs or testing Hats.


Thank you for your idea, I will be adding it in V1.2.0! :smile:


Does it use DataStoreService or the SetSetting method?


It is saved locally inside the ServerStorage, I’m not aware of other ways of saving for plugins :sweat_smile:

Could you please elaborate on the SetSetting method? Thank you!

It’s a method that I believe is a member of plugin. It allows you to store something that persists across places.