Hat position numbers script isnt right

Hi there again! So I’m testing some scripts here and there, and I’m using hat givers, right?

Well, I tried fixing the numbers of the position so that it does land right above their head when they touch the button, but for some reason, it does land RIGHT on top of it as it should, but it’s also lending forward? I tried changing the forward numbers but nothing changed and now I’m stuck on it :’^)

Yes, I tried looking up but no luck.

I don’t even need a full script, I just want to know the numbers of this, I just want a quick help on this anyway since I’m trying to fix the hat givers.

The script:

What it looks like in-game:

Is the hat anchored or does it have can colide on?

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I believe its anchored, but like i can load some other hats and it’ll land correctly on my head but the valk wont stop lending forward.

Did you try wearing the hat normally on the character and grabbing the position then pasting it?

I tried it but sometimes the valk would land somewhere on my head (lower or higher). Not sure why it works on certain hats but not these valk givers.

Maybe try using an Attachment to center it and attaching the Hat to it.

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When i look at my characters accesories they arent anchored. Maybe try that?

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There is a statement call Humanoid:AddAccessory maybe try it: Humanoid | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub