Haukai | Public Handbook

Haukai is a restaurant located on the tropical beaches of Moku Nui, an island off the east side of Honolulu, Hawaii. We aim to provide a welcoming and fun community for all our customers and staff. Our staff work hard to ensure that your service is high quality, along with food crafted fresh from our kitchens. We hope to excel your expectations once you visit our restaurant.

Recipe Book

:tropical_drink:All of our menu items & recipes can be found here. We are always looking for ways to improve Haukai, and we would appreciate any sort of ideas or feedback for our development team on our menu. Any questions regarding our menu or recipes can be directed to a management member or above.


Coming soon!


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Training Times

:woman_cook: All of our available training session times can be found below. Please ensure to convert these times into your timezone if it is not below. Sessions are hosted every day, with the exception of holidays. Feel free to contact an executive member with any questions about sessions or session times.

06:00 AM ET | 11:00 AM GMT | 12:00 PM CEST
10:00 AM ET | 15:00 PM GMT | 16:00 PM CEST
14:00 PM ET | 19:00 PM GMT | 20:00 PM CEST
18:00 PM ET | 23:00 PM GMT | 01:00 AM CEST
22:00 PM ET | 03:00 AM GMT | 04:00 AM CEST
02:00 AM ET | 07:00 AM GMT | 08:00 AM CEST

Frequently Asked Questions

:question:Here you can find some of our most frequently asked questions. Any and all further questions that are not answered below can be directed to an Assistant Manager or above.

How do I start working as an LR?

To start your career here at Haukai, you must ensure you are a Customer or higher in our Roblox group. If you are, you must join our application center and take the application. Once ranked, attend a training. Training times can be found under the “Training Times” section, or on the Training Center’s game description. You must attend trainings until you reach the rank of Advanced Server. To get the rank of Master Server, or to be promoted to Management Assistant, you must work hard and be patient, as well as be in the communications server. You cannot become a management member, or a Master Server, without being in the communications server.

Can I work here if I am -13?

We accept those whose account age is under the age of 13. However, please note that you cannot become a Master Server or join our management team if you have safe chat and are under the age of 13. No exceptions will be made. However, you are always welcome to work in our low-rank team as an Advanced Server or below.

What do Trainee Servers do?

Trainee Servers have just passed their application, and are not yet eligible to begin serving yet. Trainee Servers must attend trainings and pass in order to receive the rank of Intermediate Server and to start serving customers.

What do Intermediate Servers do?

Intermediate Servers have just passed their first training, and are now eligible to start serving customers. However, they are only new to the team and should practice the recipes in their free time. They are expected to attend trainings in order to rank up to Advanced Server.

What do Advanced Servers do?

Advanced Servers have just passed their second and final training, and are now eligible to work towards Master Server. Advanced Servers should be learning off the recipes and mastering their skills in the kitchen. Advanced Servers should be assisting Intermediate Servers in the kitchen and answering their questions. Advanced Servers must work hard in order to get promoted to their next rank.

What do Master Servers do?

Master Servers are the kitchen leaders of Haukai. They are masters at their craft and are excellent in the kitchen. They ensure that all of the Advanced Servers and below are working correctly and no one is causing any trouble in the kitchens. Master Servers have been noticed by a management member or above due to their hard work and have been promoted from Advanced Server. Master Servers are expected to know the menu and the recipes off-by-heart, and they should be pretty fast when creating orders. Master Servers must work hard for their next promotion.

Master Server Promotion Guide

:fried_egg: In order to begin your management career here at Haukai, you must be the rank of “Master Server” in order to be eligible.

You will be checked for safe chat as a Master Server to ensure that you are eligible to become a Management Assistant. Safe chat prohibits communication and it gets very difficult to communicate with safe chat users. It would be extremely difficult for users with safe chat enabled to conduct their management duties, therefore, it is not allowed.

Grammar is required during your shift at all times as a Master Server. You are required to use grammar so that we can ensure that you are willing to demonstrate maturity and professionalism at all times, making you a good candidate for a management position. Failing to use grammar within your position will lead to a warning, and a possible demotion if warned several times.

We will be checking that you are in our communications server. You are required to be in the communications server to work as a management member here at Haukai. Unfortunately, we do not have any other form of communication with our management members. If you are not in the discord server, you cannot be promoted.

You should always be ensuring that you are working to your best ability, and working to ensure that you can master all of the recipes. Master Servers should be well knowledgeable of our recipe guide, and shouldn’t have to rely on it anymore. However, if you are still working to master the recipes, using the guide is no problem. If you have to use the guide, be sure to do so quickly as Master Servers should be quicker than the other LRs, as they are more experienced and have served more people. Along with this, you should be making sure that you are constantly active at the restaurant. You shouldn’t only be playing once a week, for 5 hours. Instead, it is recommended to work 1-3 hours every day to ensure that you can get promoted to Management Assistant.

Any and all questions related to anything stated above can be directed to an executive member or above. We wish you the best of luck on your journey to Management Assistant!

Appeal Information

:hammer: Want to appeal a ban? You have come to the right place! Here at Haukai, we believe in second chances. If you want to get back into the community, and you have stopped what you were banned for, you can appeal your ban. Please ensure you have met all of the requirements below before trying to appeal.

  • Must have waited over a week after your ban/pban/blacklist was issued.
  • Must be respectful about the situation & not start drama. Doing so will lead to an immediate decline of your appeal.
  • Must be patient throughout the whole progress. Don’t expect us to immediately contact you.
  • Must agree to follow all of our regulations.

You can appeal all bans here. We wish you the best of luck with your ban appeal. Thank you for taking the correct steps to get back into the community!

Department Information

:briefcase: Interested in learning about what each department does? You’ve come to the right place! Any and all questions regarding our departments can be directed to any Executive Officer or above.

Employment oversees all interns, staff applications, promotions, demotions, staff engagements, staff awards, and much more. The Employment department is the best option for those who are skilled at dealing with customers and know how to manage staff members.

Relations oversees all affiliates and community events of Haukai. They deal with affiliate terminations & warnings, affiliate visits, partnered events, Haukai events, Haukai award ceremonies, and much more. The Relations department is the best option for those who are skilled at dealing with alliances, can represent at an affiliated group, and that can manage & organise events.

Digital Marketing oversees all social media & roblox advertisements related to Haukai. They deal with running the social media accounts, providing funding for roblox advertisements, and they advertise the group as much as possible. The Digital Marketing department is the best option for those who are great at managing social media accounts, marketing towards certain people, and people that are willing to invest robux towards group advertisements.

Affiliate Information

:handshake: Here you can find all of the available information on partnering with Haukai. Any questions can be directed to a member of our Relations department.

  • Your group must have 20 non-botted Roblox group members
  • Your group must have 25 non-botted Discord server members
  • Your games must have concurrent players throughout the day. - Exceptions can be made for groups with games that are still in development. If this is the case, you are expected to have an active general chat and a welcoming community.
  • Your group must have no history of selling ranks with administrative powers, or free-ranking users.
  • Your representatives must be able to communicate with our Relations team frequently and keep updated on all of our announcements. They should be able to manage events and plan events. They should be willing to host alliance visits every few months.
  • Your group must not be blacklisted/terminated from Haukai or any of our partners.
Affiliate Resume

:handshake: If you meet all of the requirements stated in the “Affiliate Information” section, you can go ahead and apply to partner with Haukai! Please note that certain exceptions can be made, however, this isn’t always the case. Please do not waste the Relations team’s time if you know that your group does not meet our requirements.

Please send the following resume to any available Relations member. Be sure that all of your answers include at least 3 sentences to increase your chances of being accepted.

    1. Why do you want to partner with Haukai?
    1. Do you meet all of our requirements?
    1. Why should we choose your group over others?
    1. How could your group benefit Haukai, and how could Haukai benefit yours?
    1. Who are your two representatives? Please include their Discord username and tags & their Roblox usernames. Please ensure that they are in both the Roblox group and the communications server.
    1. Do you have any final questions for our Relations department? If none, please state “N/A”.
Job Descriptions

:clipboard:Below you can find all of our job descriptions for our management ranks and above. Any and all questions regarding these ranks can be directed to an executive member or above.

Management Assistant | Rank Capacity: 45

Management Assistant is the first MR rank here at Haukai. You must work hard as a Master Server to be promoted to Management Assistant. Management Assistants can assist at trainings, supervise the restaurant, and deal with trollers, exploiters, and rude players. Management Assistants can kick disruptive users at the restaurant. They are expected to remain active at all times. Management Assistants are usually assisting in the kitchen, if there are people struggling or if there are any issues. They are the first people to turn to when there is a troller or disruptive customer.

Restaurant Supervisor | Rank Capacity: 40

Restaurant Supervisor is the second lowest MR rank. Restaurant Supervisors can train at trainings, supervise the restaurant, and mainly deal with exploiters or disruptive customers that need to be banned. Restaurant Supervisors have banning permissions and should be the people you go to when there is an exploiter or an extremely disruptive customer or staff member. Restaurant Supervisors generally work with Management Assistants to supervise the restaurant. If there are no Management Assistants available, you should go to a Restaurant Supervisor to help deal with a troller.

Assistant Manager | Rank Capacity: 35

Assistant Manager is the third MR rank. Assistant Managers can train or co-host at trainings, supervise the restaurant, and can recommend Advanced Servers for Master Server. Assistant Managers have p-ban permissions. You should only go to them if it is an extreme situation, or if there are no Restaurant Supervisors available to deal with an exploiter. Assistant Managers are usually very busy with management tasks, however, they are always there when you need them. Assistant Managers can now help out with support tickets.

Operations Manager | Rank Capacity: 30

Operations Manager is the last and highest MR rank. Operations Managers can host trainings, supervise at the restaurant, and can recommend Master Servers for Management Assistant. Managers have all of the available MR permissions. They should be your last option when needing assistance for an exploiter, a troller, or a disruptive customer. If there are no other MR ranks in-game, you can direct any questions or any situations to the Operation Managers available. Operations Managers mainly oversee support tickets, and will occasionally help out in them if needed.

Executive Assistant | Rank Capacity: 25

Executive Assistant is the first executive rank. Executive Assistants can spectate or host at trainings, supervise the restaurant and can mentor new Management Assistants. Executive Assistants can now join one of our three departments; Employment, Relations, and Digital Marketing. Executive Assistants are usually very busy with department & executive tasks, and they should be one of your last options to contact when in need of support.

Executive Officer | Rank Capacity: 3

Executive Officer is the second highest executive rank. Executive Officers are the co-leads of their chosen department. They assist Executive Directors with giving department tasks and completing executive tasks. Executive Officers are not usually at trainings, however, if they are, they are usually spectating. Executive Officers are expected to co-lead their department and can occasionally supervise at the restaurant.

Executive Director | Rank Capacity: 3

Executive Director is the highest and final executive rank. Executive Directors are the leads of their chosen department. They work with Executive Officers with department tasks & duties. They work with Vice Presidents to run the departments. Executive Directors are not usually at trainings, however, if they are, they are usually spectating. Executive Directors are expected to lead their department and can occasionally supervise the restaurant.

Development Team | Rank Capacity: 15

The Development Team at Haukai is responsible for all of our development side of Haukai. They release updates, fix bug glitches, new versions, and so much more. We have many different kinds of developers such as 3D Modellers, Builders, Scripters, Interface Designers, Graphic Designers, Clothing Designers, and many more. Users within this role are long-term developers of our team and are constantly looking for ways to improve your experience at Haukai. You should not be contacting them for any reason unless you make a bug report ticket. Our developers are very busy and do not have time for any unnecessary DMs or questions.

Vice President | Rank Capacity: 3

Vice President is the first leadership team rank. Vice Presidents oversee their department and work alongside their Executive Director to manage the department. They give feedback to the department leads and help them if needed. They work closely with the leadership team to complete leadership duties, and to help manage the group and ensure that it is running smoothly. Vice Presidents help with funding, managing developers, and much more. They do not have to attend trainings or supervise at the restaurant, however, they are always welcome to. Vice Presidents can now promote people to Executive Officer if there is available space.

President | Rank Capacity: 3

President is the second leadership team rank. Presidents work closely with the owners and the Vice Presidents to ensure that the group is running smoothly. Presidents can now promote people to Executive Director if there is available space. Presidents work closely with the leadership team and the developers to ensure that all aspects of the group are working and functional. President is the last obtainable rank to the public.

Co Owner | Rank Capacity: 2

Co Owner is the third leadership team and the second highest rank within the group. Co Owners work closely with the Owner to ensure that all operations are running smoothly. Co Owners can promote people to Vice President when there is available space. Co Owners do not attend sessions or supervise the restaurant. They have leadership duties to complete and simply do not have the time. You should not be contacting either of the Co Owners for any reason unless you are a Vice President or above.

Owner | Rank Capacity: 1

Owner is the fourth leadership rank and the highest rank within the group. This role is specifically reserved for viausia, and it is unclaimable. The Owner’s duties are unknown, however, they work with the presidential team constantly to provide game updates and new versions and maintain a close connection with our developers. You should not be pinging or DMing the owner under any circumstances. All of your questions, comments, or concerns can be dealt with by a management team member or above.

Development Credits

:hammer_and_pick: Thank you for all of your hard work here at Haukai… here are your credits!

We take pride in the hard work of our developers here at Haukai. We want to appreciate every person that has contributed to making Haukai what it is today. No one will be removed from this list below under any circumstances. Thank you for your contributions.

Architecture -
Scripting -
Interface Design -
3D Modelling -
Food Modelling -
Modelling -
Graphic Design - pickmemars
Clothing Design -

:alarm_clock:This handbook was last updated on April 16th, 2023.