Have a billboardGUI only visible to one team, while on other its invisible

Hello, i have this script that makes it if you type a persons name, a billboardgui appears at the top of their head thats only visible to their team, example: player in team A types a persons name from team B,
everyone in team A can see persons name in team B, but team B wont be able to see the billboard GUI…
i need someone to give me an idea on how to do this, not make the whole script… i highly appriciate it, thank you.

This is just a guess … If this script was in the PlayersGUI inside SurfaceGui to be visible on the billboard it would need the Abornee option set to that billboard. If you had two different billboards (one for each team) and the players on each team had their Abornee set to only their billboard … that is all they would be able to see. I think. Pretty sure the other teams billboard would look blank.

This is a local script inside the screen gui, the billboard gui is inside the players character.

Should work then … if my logic is correct.

Should what work? i didnt understand a thing you said.

The whole thing keys off the Abornee option when used from playerGUI. Go look up how you use Abornee. Then you’ll get what I’m saying.