Have a Rule to Prevent Threads Being Made About Recent Announcements

Many times do I see many threads pop out not even an hour after an announcement is posted:

  • What do you think of x feature?
  • What are the implications of x feature?
  • Will x feature impact you negatively?

These are bloaty threads and could just be discussed in the announcement post themselves. Extrapolating, these threads bring no value to any discussion as they’re too recent to form a reasonable stance on a feature or change.

From what I see and I’m sure others would agree, creating multiple threads for a feature created not even an hour ago causes way too much chaos and makes it disorganized. Preferably, a 1-3 day grace period would be enforced.


This is unfortunately not the case as discussions with announcement threads not only add unwanted bloat to the announcement’s replies themselves but also can be deemed off-topic quite quickly in discussions.

While I do agree that ‘what do you think of x feature’ discussions should be discouraged, I do not think that discussions regarding #updates:announcements should be blocked altogether for a ‘grace period’ as not all threads regarding announcements are just asking for other’s opinions.

The grace period of one day is quite short. There’s no reason someone has to create a thread about a feature Roblox added within an hour or a few hours, as there are still a plentiful number of individuals that haven’t even read the announcement post yet. Basically, there’s no benefit in starting a totally new thread about a feature if the majority of users haven’t even seen the announcement.

There’s also no benefit to creating a new thread for any complaints as it’s quite rare for any Roblox employee would happen to cross one of these posts. Having any issues you have inside of the announcement itself would bring you more success.

I want to agree with you here, but I can’t see any reason not to outright block the posts.

If users are unable to create an original and thoughtful post about the annoucement (what do you think of x, what will x mean, how will x impact you, etc) then the post shouldn’t be made/shouldn’t exist in the first place

If they are able to create an original and thoughtful post about the announcement, then it wouldn’t be going off-topic if it was posted as a reply to the announcement. Any time posts/replies have ever gone off-topic, it’s always been the hastily posted/poorly thought ones that disregard relevance just to gather hearts (applies to almost everything, in all honesty)