Have Ad Impressions Requirements Add Together

Recently we found out that if an impression is viewed for less then the required time to register an impression for immersive ads the timer is reset and it must be viewed for the required time again.

This is unfair to publishers and disadvantages games that may move quickly while the ad is still in view, such as pillars getting in the way for a brief second.

Other ad services in the past compound viewing time, counting for total time for impressions rather then in a single go, Roblox should do the same. Similar to other posts I have made, just because there is inadequate demand for ads doesn’t mean us as publishers should be scammed for unpaid advertising time.


I’m sure that eventually Roblox could figure out a way to determine the value of the ads in a game statistically. For example, if your ad is built on a highway and the average view time is 2 seconds, it should be cheaper to put it on yours than on an ad that holds an average impression time of 5 seconds. Otherwise it would be very unfair for the advertisers. I suggest changing your suggestion into “Let ads be paid according to their impression time”. You should still be paid for showing an ad for 1 second but it shouldn’t be paid for as much as a better placed ad slot.


What is deemed as a “quality” ad placement is impossible to quantify during runtime. This wouldn’t be feasible.

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It would if the average conversion rate amplifier according to each ad’s performances is put into consideration.