Have Any way to use Firebase to save backups from DataStore?

I want make a backup system, if player leave and fail to save the Data i Will send the that to Firebase, it’s possible on Roblox?

There is a post that utilizes Firebase as a database service found here:

Not sure if that can help you in any way but I suggest you read through it and try it out.

That Post dont have worth informations to use the module, only Get and Set method, as i know need use url, auth etc

I think you have to setup a project on the FireBase page.


Ik i already did, because this i said that module topic isnt Cleary, you cant only Get and Set, you need use Url, Auth and others

Well if you set up your project properly you would notice some pretty useful information such as your web api key and project name. (Presumably your “Url”, “Auth”, and “others”)

Iam tolding that module dont have Any way to put the url auth etc, i cant only connect

How to change your auth and url:

  1. Open the module
  2. Change the nicely commented and named variables


Thanks, this solve my problem, i Will try that